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Sutter Family

Sutter Reunion Sutters fort 2008

If you are a Sutter Family member and you have not submitted your contact info you may miss out on an opportunity to come to our next Family Reunion.  Please take a moment and add your information and you will get family updates.  Also please see the family link in
2008 Sutter Family Reunion!
Sutter's Fort
Saturday, July 26th, 2008
We had a wonderful turnout of over 200 Sutters. The weekend started with a tour of the Sacramento Old Cemetary, we saw John Sutter Jr.'s grave and went the Cemetary's Archives, which was fascinating.  Saturday started with a trip to Sutter's Fort  The reunion started at 6:00 pm and we were so excited to see all the family.   At 6:30 a cannon went off starting the festivities.  After dinner we had many guest speakers all were so proud of the fort and were pleased to see so many Sutters.  We had an annoucement by Steve Beck that the portrait of John Sutter Jr. had been restored and that the families donations made it possible.  It was the first viewing since the restoration.  Thank you family!  On Sunday, family members went on the VIP Sacramento Capitol Tour.  It was fascinating, the tour guide was very imformative!  Later family members went on the Scramento Train ride and then the Train Museum tour.


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The Hyatt Hotel was beautiful

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